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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Introduction // Introdução

Over some years of traveling in a number of countries with a progression of digital cameras I have amassed a rather embarrassing number of door pictures. I had a few of my favorites on my websites. The other day when I tried to add yet another photo, I found that the site had "grown" to make the former website "groan" from the weight of it all…so I decided to turn it into this blog… presenting each door independently or by genre.

I give myself 25 points for a door with a bike; occasionally you may see a motor scooter or a wheelbarrow. 

There is something about the juxtaposition of an old door and a bike I really like. Maybe it’s because seeing a bike leaned up against someone's front door says, “I was just passing by and wanted to stop and say hello.” Or as Ann Brooks says on her site, "People love images of doors. A door is a metaphor for so many things."

If I can catch a VW bug, called a "fusca", in Brasil, well that is a full 50 pts... I'll let you keep score. 

Clic each pic to to embiggen them, and please ask if you want to use them elsewhere... its simple manners and etiquete!

Enjoy! // Divirta-se!